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Conductor Pat Mangan's Retirement

New Haven Railroad - Penn Central - Conrail - Amtrak

June 21 - 2001

Saying Good Bye and Good Luck to an Honest to Goodness Good Guy!

Anyone who ever knew or worked with Pat knows well what a great guy he is. A true railroadman. He never complained. Always had a smile and a hello for everyone. Like many of the great railroaders, he rarely had an awful lot to say but when he did say it, he meant it and it meant something.

These photos were taken at Pat's retirement party on June 21, 2001 at Southampton Street Yard.

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Conductor Marty Murphy shares some words with Pat while he recovers from being embarrassed. When he walked in the door to find the surprise party, he turned "redder than a stop indication."

Yard Superintendent (T-113) Leo Niemi gives Pat a farewell handshake after presenting him with some gifts from Terminal Services.

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Trainmaster Chris Waugh presents Pat with a plaque from the president of the railroad.

Pat and Conductor George Casey.

A New Haven man and a "B&A'er."

We wouldn't have seen a scene like this 30 years ago!

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Pat's Retirement Cake. He brought what was left of it home to Mrs. Mangan.

Here's one scene we'd all be envious of. Pat holds his ticket punch. In thirty plus years of railroading, he never had to use it!

When asked about his fortunate luck of avoiding passenger service, Pat replied:

"Oh Brian, I worked one football train about 20 years ago with a bunch of lunatics on it and that was enough of that!"


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Best of luck to you Pat! We all will miss you!

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